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Your credit card statement will show a charge by IntelliBiz. By submitting an order, you hereby authorize IntelliBiz to debit your account for the cost of the download you have purchased, or any other charges you may authorize.

It is understood that the purchase is for the download, only, and that a physical copy of the program is shipped as a free backup of your program. The only additional charge for the physical copy is for shipping and handling, if shipping and handling is being charged. Whereas downloads cannot be returned, cancelations are not permitted.

PRIVACY POLICY: IntelliBiz will never sell, give out, trade or otherwise transfer any personal information from any visitor or customer. Your complete privacy is assured.

In the unlikely event your package is lost or stolen and you do not receive it within 14 days of placing your order, it shall be your obligation to contact us at and let us know you did not receive your materials. Intellibiz will then send a replacement, with signature required, to insure delivery.

Mentor contact info and mentoring guidelines are included with your program. The free mentoring is a priviledge, not a right. Inflammatory, abusive or insulting emails will result in loss of mentor priviledges. We reserve the right to rescind coaching priviledges for any spam (or advertising); failure to follow guidelines or use of improper language, content or conduct, with no full or partial refund given. No exceptions. The coaches are not employed by, nor are they agents of IntelliBiz - they act strictly independently of IntelliBiz and volunteer their services. They will respond as quickly as they can, usually within minutes or hours. Actual response times may vary, but each mentor will make every effort to respond in a timely manner, whenever possible, technical difficulties and acts of God notwithstanding.

There are no cancellations permitted on downloads or the course, itself except in accordance with the terms of the guarantee since downloads cannot be returned. See guarantee details, below.

NO REFUNDS ON OPENED SOFTWARE - we cannot remove materials from your computer

V.I.P. Club Membership: customer understands that if they choose the optional V.I.P. Club membership, customer may cancel at any time. If customer does not cancel via email within 30 days of the date of purchase, customer understands their card will be charged forty-nine dollars and no cents each month that customer remains a member. Please read below for full details.

V.I.P. CANCELLATIONS - V.I.P Club membership, if chosen, may be cancelled at any time. Customer may cancel at any time by sending an email to with CANCEL in the subject line and full name in the message area. No other method of cancelling is acceptable, and customer is required to retain a copy of the email requesting cancellation, and to produce said copy in the event of dispute. Upon cancelling, no further charges will be posted after canceling. Customer also understands that in the event their card is declined for any payment, V.I.P. Club membership will be terminated and all services forfeited. NOTE: any charges posted prior to cancelling membership cannot be refunded, as there are costs incurred on the members behalf, whether the member uses the benefits/services or not.

V.I.P. Club membership details - V.I.P. Club Members may schedule their monthly phone calls with Bill Vaughn each month. To schedule your 20 minute (maximum) call each month you must email Bill at at least 2 days prior to your phone consultation and schedule your call according to his available hours, posted here. All phone consultations are in accordance with the terms found on that page. Additional calls may be scheduled with Bill as needed, at the cost of $1.00 per minute in increments of 10 minutes each.

GUARANTEE: Intellibiz offers a lifetime guarantee - use the program and the tools provided and if you do not earn a minimum of $100,000 your very first year, simply request a double refund of the actual purchase price. No need to return the program - it is yours to keep even if you choose a refund. For purposes of the guarantee, "use of the program" includes using the mentor priviledges at least once per month for at least the first full year. Customer must retain dated, unaltered copies of all mentor correspondence, and provide copies as required in case of dispute. No refunds issued except in accordance with the terms of the guarantee.

IntelliBiz has a zero tolerance policy for chargebacks as they drive up costs for all customers. If you have an issue with any billing by IntelliBiz, contact IntelliBiz FIRST at, whereas any customer who disputes a credit card payment is subject to a chargeback fine, and termination of all benefits and services and/or membership. A charge of $25.00 per chargeback will be assessed to all accounts that receive a chargeback.

You must retain dated copies of any and all emails or written correspondence with IntelliBiz and/or your assigned mentor, in the event of a dispute as to services. If you fail to keep copies, you forfeit any and all rights to dispute the charges or make claims that services were requested and not provided.

V.I.P. Club guarantee - Members of the V.I.P. Club are guaranteed to close on at least (4) properties the very first year and at least (6) each year thereafter, provided they follow the course instructions, and follow the advice of their coach. In the event the club member applies the course and follows the advice of their coach, yet still fails to close on at least (4) properties the first year, IntelliBiz shall continue the customer's V.I.P. Club membership at no charge until such time as the member does close on (4) properties.

No other guarantees are stated or implied. IntelliBiz shall be held faultless for the failure of any customer's success or lack thereof, as IntelliBiz has no control over the efforts of the customer, nor of market conditions.

Refund Policy: refunds are granted, no questions asked, only in accordance with the terms of the guarantee. Intellibiz shall not under any circumstances be held liable for any refunds except those that are granted in accordance with the guarantee.

We do not authorize returns. Packages that are returned without merchant authorization: if returned with postage due, the sender authorizes IntelliBiz to bill their credit card for the amount of the postage due.

PLEASE KEEP A COPY of your purchase order or invoice number - if you ever wish to obtain free replacement CD's, you will need to provide proof of purchase. If you attempt a chargeback without first contacting us to resolve any dispute, you will be charged a $25 chargeback fee.

I have read and accept the Terms & Conditions